Our story

At ReasonRemedy, our journey is rooted in a shared passion for enhancing lives through thoughtful solutions. We're on a mission to provide innovative remedies that empower individuals and communities, addressing the everyday symptoms of sub-optimal health.


Empowering Individuals

Our mission is to create a 360-degree adaptive health strategy to empower individuals to remediate the everyday symptoms of sub-optimal health. Our methodology is grounded in medical-grade testing that pinpoints underlying disruptions and dysfunctions within the bodies integral systems, followed by personalised protocols to effectively address them.

Where better to start that with what is arguably the bodies most influential system; our debut offering focuses on healing gut-barrier dysfunction.

Empower Your Health


As part of our commitment to a uniquely innovative wellness model, we are expanding our team to include a diverse array of health professionals, thereby continually refining our understanding of the origin and inter-connectivity between everyday symptoms and key pillars of overall health (gut barrier, microbiota, skin, immunity, neurotransmission, circadian rhythm).


Leading the Health Revolution

Our founder, Katie McIntosh, brings eight years of industry experience to ReasonRemedy. An accomplished nutrition expert and entrepreneur, Katie initially broke new ground with a health-food restaurant concept. This innovative eatery was distinguished by its commitment to natural eating and became an industry pioneer, offering a menu entirely free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. Honoured as the Young Business Person of the Year by Manchester Evening News, Katie led the venture to multiple awards.

In January 2023, she shifted her focus to develop ReasonRemedy, pausing the restaurant operations to fully commit to helping individuals who are seeking holistic solutions to modern day symptoms and the associated health-anxiety that manifests alongside them.

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